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Cougar Fridays and Community School Collaborative

Livingston Public Schools partners with Community School Collaborative (CSC) to provide students with real-world career exploration and enrichment experiences that launch them on the pathway to a successful and fulfilling education, career, and life. 

CSC Mission

CSC believes that by exposing young minds to diverse professional fields, students are equipped with the knowledge and inspiration needed to make informed decisions about their futures. With this in mind, every Sleeping Giant Middle School student participates in six Cougar Career Days (CCD) in their middle school career.


Cougar Fridays

Students are transported from the classroom to various local and regional destinations where they engage with professionals from an array of career clusters. These clusters, based on the nationally identified 16 career pathways, serve as a guiding framework for their career exploration journey. 


Imagine a day that starts with students unraveling a mock crime scene alongside the seasoned investigators of the Park County Sheriff’s Department. Envision them immersing themselves in wilderness medicine training at Livingston HealthCare. Visualize young pens actively shaping worlds during writing workshops with Elk River Arts & Lectures, or minds sparking with ideas while participating in interactive hospitality management activities at Chico Hot Springs.  


Pop-up Clubs

In addition to Cougar Career Days, students’ career discovery continues through Pop-up Clubs – programs that allow students to delve deeper into specific career interests in a smaller group setting. These clubs provide a platform for ongoing exploration, mentorship, and skill development, giving students the space to nurture their passions and refine their aspirations. In Pop-up Clubs, students have experienced the Bozeman Symphony, the Livingston Center for Arts and Culture, a photonics expo with Gallatin College, and so much more. 


Cougar Friday Days

September 28th - 6th grade  

October XX - 7th grade 

November 30th - 8th grade 

February 8th - 6th grade  

March 21st - 7th grade 

May 2nd - 8th grade



For more information about Community School Collaborative, please visit their website at the button below.  Here you can also find information on past Cougar Fridays and the Pop-Up Clubs.
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