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The namesake of Sleeping Giant Middle School slumbers in the crest of the Absaroka mountains south of Livingston, most recognizable when snow begins to fall. SGMS currently serves just over 300 students in grades 6 through 8. The staff has worked hard in recent years on the development of a systematized system of assessments, interventions, and progress monitoring, which we refer to as our Multi-Tiered System of Supports. In a school day, students receive standard core instruction, a section of rotation courses, and a focused learning section where prescriptive interventions and whole-child skill development (e.g., work-based learning, social and emotional growth, cultural capacity building) can take place. SGMS competes with local schools in football, basketball, wrestling, track, volleyball, cross country and Academic Olympiad. We collaborate with numerous collective impact organizations in Park County, including Park County Farm to School, Community Health Partners' Parent Liaison Program, L'esprit mental health center, the Community School Collaborative, and the Shane Center for the Performing Arts. The staff at SGMS aims to help adolescents establish the habits of productive learners and citizens in an evolving society, so that they may enter high school with a sense of purpose and direction.