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How do lunches work at SGMS? 

SGMS has two lunch sessions. All 6th graders and half of the 7th graders attend first lunch. All 8th graders and half of the 7th graders attend second lunch. Hot lunch count is taken in first period. 


I have questions about Infinite Campus. Who do I talk to? 

For Infinite Campus questions, please call the SGMS Office at (406) 222-3292.


When does school open? 

We open our doors at 7:30 AM. The school day runs from 8:08 AM – 3:28 PM.  


What do I do if I can’t come to school or have an appointment? 

If you need to be gone for any reason and will be missing classes, your parent or guardian should call the SGMS Office at (406) 222-3292. 


Who do I talk to about Sports and Activities? 

Any questions regarding games, sports and activities can be directed to our Athletic Director, Matt Schad


How do I find out about club meetings, upcoming activities, the lunch for the day and other announcements? 

We have announcements for students everyday during 1st period. We have news and events posted on the front page of our website