Legally Blonde Open Night Friday!

At this point, we are planning on proceeding with Legally Blonde this weekend.  We have been monitoring cases and there has been a significant slowdown in new positive cases since last Friday, May 6. We will continue to monitor any new cases that develop.


Understanding that the risk of Covid will never be zero, we feel we can proceed with the play at this point due to:

  1. The small spike in cases within the cast has been contained.
  2. Any new positive cases will be closely monitored.  Any student testing positive and within their 5-day isolation period will not be allowed to perform.
  3. The Covid vaccine is widely available to anyone aged 5 and up.
  4. Free, effective treatments for Covid are available to anyone who is at high risk.
  5. Any person who is at high risk or feels uncomfortable in a large group setting is encouraged not to attend the performance.