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Teacher Emails

Students can contact teachers through their SGMS Google email address using to formula [email protected] or clicking on the link below. If you are a parent looking to contact a teacher, please see the teacher emails under the parent or resource tab.

Aguilar, Jordan - 6th Grade Math

Anderson, Hannah- 7th and 8th Grade Choir


Bandstra, Abbie - 7th Grade English Language Arts, 8th Grade Industrial Tech

Booth, Joanna - 6th/7th Health/P.E, 7th Grade Family Consumer Science

Brink, Jamie - 8th Grade Math



Chapman, Lori - 8th Grade Science 

Clewis, Stephanie - 6th-8th Computers


DeClerk, Kari- Resource Teacher


Fedel, Kaitlin- Counselor 

Fullinwider, Jeb- Resource Teacher


Hester, Sabrina - 6th Grade English Language Arts

Hoglund, Dorel - Principal


Martenson, Susan - Library

Murakami, Brian - Assistant Principal


Parker, Terry - 6th-8th Grade Art, 7/8 Sculpture

Pettit, Dave - 7th Grade Life Science


Raw, Michael - 7th Grade Health/P.E, 7th and 8th Grade Conditioning

Raw, Stacey - 6th Grade Geography

Redmon, Aleesha - 8th Grade English Language Arts


Schad, Matt - 8th Grade Health/P.E

Simmons, Jennifer - 6th Grade Science

Smith, Morgan - 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Industrial Tech

Speake, Brenda - 7th Grade World History

Speranza, Rebecca - 5th-8th Grade Band 

Stannard, Garrett - 6th Grade Choir, 5th Grade Band



Webb, Connor- Special Services Teacher

Willyerd, Chandra - Language Arts 8